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1st June 2021

Singapore – The future is inside us. BluMaiden Biosciences is exploring the universe within the human microbiome, and bringing health and disease insights directly to your family. BluMaiden will use its proprietary human microbiome computational biology insights (DAISY) to focus on disease tracking and prevention, integrating this with the Microbiome AI Drug ENabler (MAIDEN) platform to discover disease therapeutic solutions.

“We have been operating in stealth mode since last year and have received a huge amount of support from the Healthcare and Biotech sector in Singapore. I am extremely pleased to welcome our new investors, and in particular Hong Konglisted Lippo, a major shareholder of Healthway Medical Group. With this financing in place, BluMaiden is well positioned to accelerate its drug discovery and other strategic programs,” says Dr. Damien Keogh, Founder and Chief Executive
Officer of BluMaiden Biosciences. Inspired from his own family’s journey, Damien a biotechnology and microbiology scientist, joined forces with cofounders Dr. Rohan Williams, and Robert Meyer to create BluMaiden.

BluMaiden Biosciences has an ambitious plan and has brought on board distinguished scientific advisors and partners to chart its path. The company will use the funds raised in this round to launch its consumer-facing health-tech platform that will generate population-scale health and disease insights, which will ultimately power its proprietary drug discovery engine. BluMaiden is targeting a significant seed round raise mid-2022 to deepen its drug discovery R&D and bring its health-tech business to global markets. Co-founder and Chairman Robert Meyer added: “BluMaiden Biosciences has developed an ambitious and compelling business plan that has attracted strong interest from top-notch investors. The idea to look within the human body for microbiome signatures with prognostic value, and then leveraging these insights to power a small molecule drug discovery engine, is potentially revolutionary.”

BluMaiden Biosciences also announced that New York-based Dr. Terence Kelly has joined the business as investor and non-executive board member. Dr. Kelly is a leading figure in the Life Sciences sector with outstanding pharma and biotech experience. He has served in various scientific and executive positions with Boehringer Ingelheim in a career spanning over two decades. Dr. Kelly is a medicinal chemist by training and has a broad track record of discovering and advancing small molecules into key clinical studies. Dr. Kelly is the founder of Kelly Pharma Research Consulting, LLC and has been a director of Cardax, Inc. (OTCMKTS: CDXI) since 2014. Dr. Kelly is currently President and CEO of Perception Neuroscience, a clinical stage biotech company developing ketamine derivatives for the treatment of mental health disorders. The BluMaiden Biosciences Scientific Advisory Board includes University Distinguished Professor Kim Lewis FAAAS, Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley AC FAHMS and Professor Stephen Simpson, AC FRS FAA.

About BluMaiden Biosciences BluMaiden Biosciences is an early-stage biotechnology company headquartered in Singapore with the goal of developing microbiome-derived molecular therapeutics for patients with unmet medical needs. We have integrated a unique computational population-scale data acquisition platform with a therapeutics discovery platform.
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